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Aberdeenshire Council has introduced on-line payments to primary and secondary schools to provide parents and carers with the convenience of making on-line payment with debit or credit cards, for a range of school services.

How the system is used to obtain a Primary School Meal

Each morning in the classroom, those children having a school meal will choose their main course for that day via iPayimpact. This information will help the kitchen staff to ensure pupils receive their selected option.

Parents/carers can view their children’s choices in their on-line account history.

Information for pupils entitled to Free School Meals – including Primary 1 to 5

The systems works the same for all pupils whether they pay or qualify for Free School Meal entitlement. If your child is eligible for free school meals, the system will recognise this and automatically allow meal selections.

The cost of a school lunch from term 1 of 2022-2023 is £2.50.