School Improvement Planning

Education is an ever-changing landscape, one in which we continuously strive to meet the changes and challenges.  We hope the document links at the bottom of the page provide a sense of our developments, successes and areas for further growth.

We continue to develop our practice in making robust use of evidence as a basis for judgements regarding the impact of our work on our learners.  We look inwards to analyse our work, outwards to find out more about what is working well for others locally and nationally, and forwards to gauge what continuous improvement might look like in the longer term.

Key questions:

  • How are we doing?
  • How do we know?
  • What should we do now?

At Tarves Primary School, we are committed to working closely with our community and all other stakeholders that support the education we provide.  Together we work hard to ensure all our pupils have the best possible start and are supported to achieve their personal best.

Tarves Improvement Planning 2021-2022 – January 2022

Tarves Standards and Quality Report 2021-2022

Tarves Nursery RAG Action Plan Oct 2021