House Captains

At Tarves Primary we have a House system where the children are split into four teams who compete to win house points.

Our four houses are called after points of interest in the local area:

  • Craigdam
  • Haddo
  • Tolquhon
  • Ythsie

Pupils hold a vote each year to elect a House Captain and a Vice-Captain.These roles also have added responsibility within the school including helping at Sports Day, touring special visitors and being a role model for all pupils.

Pupils are awarded house points for a variety of reasons; for working exceptionally hard, for being an eco-warrior, demonstrating resilience, for helpfulness, showing kindness and being thoughtful to others, to name but a few.

At the end of each term, points are counted and the winning team are awarded a trophy.

Who will be the winning team this year? Good luck!