School Transport

Mainstream School Transport

The council provides free school transport to all children who live more than two miles walking distance from their zoned primary school and three miles walking distance from their zoned secondary school. They can also receive free school transport if their walk route is deemed unsafe for a child accompanied by a responsible adult.  Applications for pupils eligible for free transport are made via the school.

School Transport in Adverse Weather

During periods of adverse weather some or all home-to-school transport services may not operate, or alternatively operate a curtailed service depending upon local road conditions.  Any decision to cancel or amend the operation of some or all school transport services to an education establishment, will be made by the operator following consultation with the Head Teacher.   Decisions to cancel or amend school transport services are taken in the interests of the safety and welfare of pupils, school transport drivers and other road users. These decisions are taken by operators in liaison with schools, as the parties most aware of local weather and road conditions.

In the event of the journey to school being cancelled by the operator on the grounds of adverse weather conditions, the operator will not be responsible for conveying pupils home in the afternoon. In such circumstances, parents of pupils who normally travel on school transport are asked not to bring their children to school themselves.  Should parents ignore this advice and, at their own risk, choose to bring their children to school the parents then become responsible for conveying their children home again at the end of the school day, or earlier, if it becomes necessary to send all pupils home and close the school due to worsening weather conditions.